Dimora Leone

your luxury apartment in the heart of lucca

Dimora Leone is the luxury apartment in the heart of Lucca, one of the most beautiful cities in Tuscany

In fact, Lucca is a unique city of its kind, rich in history and is in fact one of the most visited places in Tuscany. Today it perfectly preserves its urban dimension of the 16th century thanks also to its famous red brick walls more than 4 km long, which are a true city icon on which to take wonderful walks.

The most important moments in the history of Lucca

Lucca was founded by the Etruscans in the 2nd century BC, and we can still see traces of it in its checkerboard plan. But Lucca began to prosper around the 6th century thanks to the Lombard domination. Moving forward in time, after the death of Matilda of Canossa the city proclaimed itself a free municipality (1119). From 1369 to 1799 it was governed as an oligarchic republic. In 1808 Napoleon took it over “in a peaceful manner” and handed it over to his sister Elisa.

Lucca today

By visiting the historic center of Lucca, therefore the one within the walls, it is possible to see how this city has preserved the character of the city state of the past. You can notice it crossing its narrow streets and its characteristic squares where you can still see medieval and Renaissance houses and palaces. Also known as the city of 100 churches, Lucca is also a paradise for those who love good food or shopping.

What to see in Lucca

There are many things to see, and we will probably dedicate another more in-depth article about it, but we would like to mention the things that you really can’t miss!

Obviously the first thing we want to mention are the famous walls of Lucca. The construction of the walls dates back to 1504 and they were completed a century later. Their length is 4.2 km and 30 meters wide. A place for endless walks or jogs, it is a destination that you cannot miss. The walls form an oval frame of Piazza Anfiteatro, often used for excellent aperitifs, shows or events.

Lucca for a long time was characterized by several towers with small gardens on top, which at the time were owned by important families of the city. Today it is still possible to see one of them, Torre Guingi, but it is not the tallest as it is surpassed by the Torre delle Ore.

Finally, the last destination to visit in Lucca, for this article, is Piazza Napoleone, also called Piazza Grande by the people of Lucca. Here there is the Palazzo Ducale, seat of the province and the Teatro del Giglio, one of the oldest theaters in Italy. Furthermore, in this square, depending on the period in which you visit Lucca, you may come across two important city events.

In July you could find yourself in the period of the Summer Festival, which every year brings the best of Italian and international rock-pop music to Lucca. Between the end of October and the beginning of November, however, you could end up in the period of Lucca Comics & Games, the international comics, animation, games and video game fair, it is the most important exhibition in the sector in all of Europe and is the second in the world after the Comiket in Tokyo.

In summary

Lucca is a wonderful city, which can offer many things to see and satisfies everyone’s palates, for those who love culture, entertainment, good food and shopping.

Dimora Leone is the apartment in the heart of Lucca, therefore within the beautiful walls, which will make your stay in this beautiful town even more beautiful and precious. For more information contact us, we would be happy to answer all your questions about Dimora Leone.

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