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The Lucca Summer Festival is one of the most important events held in the famous Tuscan town. This festival began in 1998, and from that year the walls of Lucca became the privileged perimeter for rock and pop music on an international level.

In fact we can consider the Lucca Summer Festival a true cult event of the Italian summer. And how can you best experience it if not by staying at Dimora Leone? The luxury apartment in the heart of Lucca.

But let’s see in detail what this year’s summer festival offers us.

July 4th – Generation Sex

On July 4th Generation Sex arrives in Italy for the first time, the band of Billy Idol and Tony James of Generation X and Steve Jones and Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols. The two bands arrive in Lucca with a new musical project which sees the two bands, who defined the boundaries of punk, playing some of their great classics. In fact, Billy Idol’s group has the merit of having transformed punk rock into a mainstream phenomenon, thus paving the way for all their successors.

July 6 – Bob Dylan

On July 6th on the stage in Piazza Napoleone there will be Bob Dylan, who will present live the songs from his album “Rough and Rowdy Ways”. The singer had not returned to the Summer Festival since 1998, in fact one of the first artists to participate in the festival. Furthermore, the event will be “phone free”, meaning it will not be possible to use smartphones in the live area. A request from the artist who invites the public to enjoy music without technological slavery.

July 16 – OneRepublic

On July 16th, again in Piazza Napoleone, the Lucca Summer Festival will have the honor of hosting the record-breaking band, those who have collected over 38 billion streams and 20 platinum records in Italy. That’s right, we’re talking about OneRepublic!

July 28 – Robbie Williams

In a single Italian summer date, Robbie Williams will be a guest of the Lucca Summer Festival. There has been talk of a return to Italy for the English pop star in 2017. It promises to be a huge show which will feature his great hits from his first 25 years of career in the lineup, right in the wake of his latest album XXV. Furthermore, the Robbie Williams concert will have Diodato as a special guest.

In summary

These are just some of the stars who will participate in the Lucca Summer Festival 2023. Check the complete program by clicking here to discover all the big stars who will participate!

Staying at Dimora Leone will allow you to fully experience the experience and atmosphere of the Lucca Summer Festival, don’t miss the opportunity to experience rock and stay in the luxury apartment in the heart of Lucca. For more information contact us.

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